James H. Zisch - Computer Scientist
Since 1986 Application/Systems Design, Development,
Integration, Test, Training, Support & Troubleshooting
Certified & Degreed
9021 Niguel Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92646-7842 USA
(no sales calls please)

May 26, 2017


March 31, 2017, I suspended operation of James H. Zisch - Computer Services (JHZ-CS). JHZ-CS maintains a series of ready-made fully customizable solutions originally designed and developed in the 1990's.

This interruption of service is due primarily resultant to environmental issues beyond JHZ-CS's control.

JHZ-CS shall look forward to the opportunity of resuming provision of assistance to its existing and future clients achieve their objectives. Due to the nature of these environmental issues no projected resolution date is available at this time.