March 14, 2018

jim2005-2014 is undergoing redevelopment.  Please check back at another time for additional information.  Until its redevelopment process is complete, please enjoy a brief description of what JHZ-CS is all about and what may be expected:

JHZ-CS was established by me, James H. Zisch (Jim); A.K.A. James Henry Zisch, III.

My career in the "Science of Computer Information Science" includes being certified and degreed, coding my first line of code in 1974 prior to enlisting my service as a Law Enforcement Specialist serving as Administrative Assistant to the Training Officer, Headquarters Squadron, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.  I have worked with multiple agencies of government and devoted six plus years supporting a major computer manufacture performing quality assurance claims testing serving as hands-on Project Development Manager assisting them to achieve ISO 9001 certification, as well as, serving as Manager of Systems Engineering for a major International software development tools company.  I have traveled around the world providing product education, training, support and troubleshooting to major Fortune 100 International companies and agencies of governments.

Online since the mid-1980's, JHZ-CS was established in 1992, establishing its Internet domain ( in 1996 as James H. Zisch - Computer Services.  JHZ-CS celebrates a track record of 100% successful on-time on-budget project completions following a method of process developed and refined over the course of many decades.  JHZ-CS, structured as a sole proprietorship, neither a partnership nor a corporation, requires being very selective regarding the organizations it chooses to support and clients maintaining a very specific level of conduct.  JHZ-CS retains 100% intellectual and copyright ownership of all technological solutions developed under explicit project agreements, conducted as fixed-priced fixed time-of-completion, permitting JHZ-CS to conduct multiple simultaneous projects maintaining each individual client relationship with the personal attention they expect and deserve.  JHZ-CS insists on maintaining win-win-win environments and refuse/reject exploitive business practices.  JHZ-CS respects the rights of others especially in areas of privacy and property ownership and cooperates with all legitimate authorities in prosecution of violators.  JHZ-CS specializes in providing quality assurance defect prevention utilizing causal analysis, action plan development and implementation relative to business processes.  It is JHZ-CS objective to establish and maintain continual mutual beneficial successes.

Please note:  James H. Zisch - Computer Services terminated operations April 1, 2017 and no longer maintains license to conduct business. has successfully transitioned to represent James H. Zisch - Computer Scientist, all rights reserved. is to provide technical resources for utilization to successfully achieve objectives and provide reference to enable communication of technical issues serving as a basis to establish specific baselines.