May 24, 2018


JHZ-CS.com has undergone redevelopment transitioning from James H. Zisch - Computer "Services" to James H. Zisch - Computer "Scientist" in support of maintaining the JHZ-CS.com domain established in 1996.  In 1994 as a senior application systems programmer analyst with a decade of experience providing services to major corporations and agencies of government I established my own company focused on supporting public deployment of Internet technologies.

Now, with 30 plus years of experience, I am prepared to engage once again in direct employment engaged with application systems software development.  The knowledge and experience garnered in combination with education provide very useful skillsets to assist in the successful achieving objectives meeting and surpassing the challenges of today.

If I may be of assistance to you and your organization in achieving its objectives, please do not hesitate to contact me at jzisch@jhz-cs.com to arrange our discussing a salaried exempt position with your company.  References will be made available upon request. I shall be very much looking forward to discussing your current objectives and my applicable experience.

  Jim Zisch