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To you, my grandchildren,

I am telling the story of the episodes and people I knew and experienced through the many years of what I think has been an interesting life. This is not intended to be strictly an autobiography, for such would be presumptuous on my part; rather I hope to acquaint you with life as it was in the first half of the twentieth century in Colorado, and the country in general, with a background of your people going back into the first part of the 1800's.

I will intentionally emphasize some people, whom I knew slightly or well, doing this to convey better to you the kind of people, important and unimportant (if anyone can be called unimportant), who made up life in those days, leaving their influences upon you and your children.

As you read this, remember that when I was a young man we knew nothing of jet airplanes, the sound barrier, food freezers, guided missiles, radar, bulldozers, V-8 engines, electric typewriters, calculating machines, television, foam rubber, drive-in theaters and banks, atomic energy or neon lights. As a boy, I saw the automobile come into practical use, the airplane invented, electricity developed to light homes, telephones into people's houses, radio and wireless developed, the silent movies come and go and the talkie movies started. All these and others, in my lifetime, you will see more wondrous inventions and developments.

It is my wish and prayer that this effort will someday interest each of you, do not wait until you are old to acquaint yourself with your people and things that have happened in the past, which have tended to make you and your lives what they are.

I will neither boast of nor apologize for my life, excepting to exalt over the wonderful children and grandchildren whom God blessed your Grandmother and me with and whom we love very much.

James Henry Zisch
December 1958

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