JHZ-CS Space - Intro

Press Initialize to begin.

JHZ-CS Space is an illustration of using HTML Canvas, Javascript and CSS to generate three dimensional representation in two dimension in motion.

This example uses our Solar System as an illustration. The information and representation is not accurate or in scale; however, some properties are used for formulate relative positions. See planets and moon object attributes once initialized by pressing "Initialize".

JHZ-CS Space - Help

Press "Help" to show and hide Help.

Press "Initialize" to build Space. ("Initialize" changes to "Start").

Once Initialized

Press "Start" to display Space.

Space displays in motion for "Space->displayTimeSeconds" seconds (default 60 seconds).

"Start" changes to "Pause" once started.

"Pause" suspends time.

"Resume" continues time.

"Pause" changes to "Resume" once time has elapsed.

You may modify Space->displayTimeSeconds by pressing "Space", then change the value for "displayTimeSeconds".

Space and Planet names shall appear at left once initialized. Pressing them displays their current attributes.

Some attributes are modifiable, some are read only.

Moons and other planet orbiting objects appear at the bottom of their associated planet attribute list.

Some attributes may be modified without pausing. Some attributes require pausing first, then resume after modifying.