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My first exposure to computer programming was while attending college pursuing an accounting and pre-law major. My accounting curriculum provided an opportunity to code my first lines of code.

In 1985, I completed a specialized curriculum in computer programming, being certified, and starting my first full-time position as a computer programmer, continuing my education at night being awarded A.S. and B.S. degrees in Computer Information Science.

In 1994, I established JHZ-CS specializing in providing Internet solutions. The Internet, still in its infancy, just beginning to be made available to the general public, and businesses were anxious to establish their online presence.

Jim Zisch

Jim Zisch

JHZ-CS, established in 1994, is a provider of application systems design and development services, providing expertise to businesses desiring to deploy Internet technologies to enhance their business.

JHZ-CS is structured as a sole proprietorship. The company name James H. Zisch - Computer Services was selected to avoiding fictitious name requirements.

JHZ-CS's first client, a daily business newspaper San Diego Daily Transcript, established in 1886. Their editor-in-chief contacted JHZ-CS with the desire to automate a series of daily functions involved in publishing activities complementing the objective of deploying a digital version of their daily publication online. Working closely with he and his staff, objectives were defined and the functional specifications generated. This very successful working arrangement produced a series of solutions; including a comprehensive suite of functions from article selection, organized presentation and index of the news, automated news archival and index system, remote article upload, and article delivery to the hardcopy layout software in the print room.

Many clients followed.

JHZ-CS's next major client, a consumer electronics retailer with a plan to take their business online. JHZ-CS established a working agreement permitting JHZ-CS to retain 100% copyright ownership of technologies produced. This business model proved effective for both JHZ-CS and its client, as well as for future clients.

In 1997, while working with a major network service provider assisting in establishing an online retail outlet for a major electronics manufacture, JHZ-CS was contacted by a business software development tools manufacture with an interest in securing JHZ-CS services Internationally to assist in bringing their future product release with new features designed to integrate legacy systems with Internet technologies. From 1997 through 1998, JHZ-CS travelled Internationally and domestic supporting this effort. At the conclusion of the 1998 world user conference, JHZ-CS resumed normal full-time operation.

In 1999, JHZ-CS began offering a series of ready-made fully customizable solutions online.

Much has changed since the creation of JHZ-CS in 1994. Much has remained the same. Having gained a superb education at Coleman College, and establishing a solid career foundation at Comsystems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC, in San Diego working on both commercial and government systems and supporting a major computer manufacture, the principles of computer information science remains precisely as they were when I coded my first lines of code back in college. Technology continues to advance creating new opportunities.

JHZ-CS considers it an honor and privilege to service the needs of its clients assisting them achieve their objectives. If JHZ-CS may be of assistance to you and your organization in achieving its objections, please do not hesitate to contact JHZ-CS to learn more.