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JHZ-CS acknowledges and respects copyright ownership. JHZ-CS DOES NOT support unauthorized use/distribution of copyright protected material. As a JHZ-CS client you are assured your organization's information including competitive aspects, trade secrets, materials, intellectual property and its associated rights of ownership are respected by JHZ-CS.

JHZ-CS offers its solution exclusively under the terms and conditions of its Software License Agreement as licensed use only software; typical of most software licenses. JHZ-CS retains 100% copyright ownership of all components produced as a result of its solution services unless an agreement is made prior to commencement of a project. JHZ-CS solution services are not to be considered "works-for-hire".

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are currently engaged in, or considering the engaging in, the unauthorized use and/or distribution of copyright protected material DO NOT REQUEST THE SERVICES OF JHZ-CS. Be advised most all website content including text, graphics, audio, video and software are protected under United States and International copyright and intellectual property law. Penalties for copyright infringement may result in fines, imprisonment and confiscation of assets used in the violation. Acknowledging and respecting copyright law and its restrictions helps assure the continued success of your business as well as the business of others. See the JHZ-CS Privacy Policy for additional information.