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Jim Zisch


My name is Jim Zisch. I own and operate of JHZ-CS.

In 1992, as a Senior Programmer Analyst/Project Development Manager I founded James H. Zisch - Computer Services and established JHZ-CS in 1994 providing custom application system design and development services specifically focused on providing Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions. JHZ-CS was established as a sole proprietorship to enable full control of technical directions which would have been potentially influenced by corporate officers and/or partners not equipped to appreciate evolving technology advances. JHZ-CS has successfully maintained a track record of 100% on-time on-budget project completions utilizing a refined method of process that includes specific policies to assure smooth project progression from initiation through completions. Historically, JHZ-CS conducts its projects on a fixed priced fixed time of completion basis, producing self documented source designed for ease of maintenance with minimal requirements and dependencies supporting ease of future migration with minimal modifications strictly adhering to accepted standards, avoidance of exceptions using cross-platform supportive technologies readily available across all major computer platforms.

Working closely with clients under specific terms of project agreements JHZ-CS has been permitted to retain 100% ownership rights of all solutions produced by JHZ-CS. This has resulted in creation of a series of fully customizable ready-made solution offerings.

In 2017, I temporarily suspended operations of JHZ-CS to perform research and analysis of industry trends and future technologies. Transitioning JHZ-CS to a personal professional website domain as James H. Zisch - Computer Scientist and terminating my business license. Under consideration is restructuring of the company to better serve the current industry needs. Learn more about JHZ-CS and its current business structure. Under consideration is a change from James H. Zisch - Computer Services to James H. Zisch - Computer Specialists and Associates. A change from sole proprietorship to a partnership or corporation is also being evaluated. A potential location change is also being considered. It is anticipated these decisions shall be made and implementation mid-year 2019. Any comments or suggestions in this regards shall be respected.

At JHZ-CS it is considered to be an honor and privilege to assist its clients achieve their objectives. I shall look forward to opportunity of working with you and your organization to help achieve your objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, hello and welcomed to JHZ-CS.

Jim Zisch