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Services: Overview

Jim Zisch

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - used to construct web pages

CSS (Casading Style Sheets) - used to specify web page aesthics

Javascript - a programming language that runs in the web browser

PERL (Practical Extraction Reporting Language) - a programming language that runs on the server

SQL (Standard Query Language) - providing database functions on the server

JHZ-CS specializes in providing application systems design and development services for Internet, Intranet and Extranet configurations.

JHZ-CS uses primarily HTML, CSS, Javascript, PERL and SQL to achieve objectives.

JHZ-CS offers service to clients on a project basis.

Projects are defined by project agreements specifying objectives, price and time-of-completion.

Following an established process method provides a smooth progression from project start to completion achieving objectives on-time and on-budget. This project structure satisfies requirements for complex structured parallel co-development environments; as well for simplified less formal development environments.

To assure continuing success, JHZ-CS is selective when choosing the clients it serves. This policy is driven by a series of factors; learn more.

It is suggested you familiarize yourself with JHZ-CS policies. JHZ-CS builds and maintains strong relationships with its clients and considers it an honor and a privilege to serve them.

Getting started is easy. Simply request an initial project requirements analysis. If you have questions about JHZ-CS services, please do not hesitate to contact me.