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Database Maintenance - Description

Database Maintenance provides a web based system to perform typical database maintenance functions. Designed for both experts and those unfamiliar with working with databases allowing webmasters with very little database knowledge to perform data management and administrative functions via a web interface.

Supports database creation, table creation and modification, data inserts and updates, as well as migration of flat file data sources to SQL RDBMS (Standard Query Language Relational Database Management Systems). Database Maintenance uses the Item Information Dataset (IID) to manage a website's database. Updates are made to the IID, then uploaded to the web server, and with a few simple clicks Database Maintenance does the work for you.

Support for massive live updates eliminates suspending a website function for database maintenance and postponing updates to off-peak time.

Server Requirements:

  • OS: Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS X® and Windows®
  • HTTP 1.x with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) PERL 5.x (check with your ISP or Server Administrator; this requirement is typically supported on most systems)
  • A supported RDBMS, PERL DBI module and PERL DBD module must be pre-installed and configured.