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XML Generator Utility - Description

XML Generator Utility generates an XML data file using the Item Information Dataset (IID) as input.

XML Generator Utility does not support use of RDBMS data sources; however, if using the JHZ-CS supportive RDBMS Solutions combined with the JHZ-CS DB Maintenance the Item Information Dataset (IID) should be correctly synchronized reflecting the current data and is supported by this utility.

Server Requirements:

  • OS: Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS X® and Windows®
  • HTTP 1.x with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) PERL 5.x (check with your ISP or Server Administrator; this requirement is typically supported on most systems)
  • Optional: SENDMAIL (supported Unix/Linux/OS X platforms), or PERL NET:SMTP (available from CPAN, commonly used on Windows® OS) SMTP installed and configured. This optional requirement supports automatic email notification to the webmaster when execution errors are detected.

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