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Parameter List Utility - FAQs

Can I modify Parameter List Utility to create multiple files supporting different web portal services?

Yes. Make a new copy of "pl.cgi" and modify it to generate the desired output.

Can I modify Parameter List Utility to create XML data files?

Yes. Modify the "pl.cgi" module's "$PL_listing_rec_layout" structure to achieve the desire XML format. After generating the new PL file you will want to remove the first record (Merchant Record) generated, then rename the file with a filename extension of ".xml". (Note: You may make multiple copies of the "pl.cgi" module to perform various formats. This is a permitted exception to the JHZ-CS Software License Agreement terms and conditions.)

Do I upload and download the output of Parameter List Utility as Text or Binary?

Use Text for both uploading and downloading the PL output files.

JHZ-CS Solutions are offered exclusively under the terms and conditions of the JHZ-CS Software License Agreement.