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Banner Affiliate System - FAQs

Is an RDBMS require?


Is my UNIX web server supported?

UNIX, Linux, and Windows web server platforms are supported. Check the "Web Server System Requirements" on the Banner Affiliate System description page for additional requirements.

Can I change my affiliate banner images?

Yes. You may not remove a banner defined to the banner data file as some of your affiliates may be referring to it, but you may change its content to display a different/updated graphic. This is one of the reasons the banner images reside on your web server and not on the affiliates.

If I configure to credit affiliates for click-thrus that result in a sale at my website, then that customer returns the product, how do I handle that transaction?

Use the back-end Administrator and select the "Returns" function. The affiliates account will reflect a debit for the sale. It is recommended that your affiliate credit policy and your customer return policy time frames are compatible to assure customer returns are processed prior to affiliate crediting. However, if the affiliate has already been credited for a sale that is returned, the debit will apply toward subsequent credits.

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