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Banner Affiliate System - Description

Banner Affiliate System provides an affiliate referral system with hyperlinked banner and text display at affiliate websites, banner displays and click-thru tracking, affiliate click-thru sales crediting and real-time activity affiliates reports for their viewing online.

Providing an incentive based tracking that encourages affiliates to provide you optimum exposure with a tiered crediting structure, Banner Affiliate System also integrates with Shopping Cart supporting click-thru resulting sales crediting to affiliates.

Banner Affiliate System's Components:

  • Member Facility - a front-end component used by both new and existing Members to create and manage account information and view their account activity.

  • Administrative Facility - a back-end component used by your organization. It provides a series functions to manage affiliate accounts.

  • Operational Component - provides activity tracking, remote banner transmission, and click-thru routing.

How Banner Affiliate System Works

You invite other websites with links at your website to create an affiliate account. They then display banner ads hyperlinked to your website. Banners reside on your web server keeping you in control of their integrity. Affiliates simply insert automatically generated markup into pages at their website. Each time a banner is displayed and/or clicked it's tracked and credited to the affiliate allowing you to offer credits or discounts based on banner displays and/or click-thru activity, or when integrated with JHZ-CS Shopping Cart your can include per item credit for click-thrus resulting sales.

The Member Facility

The front-end affiliate member facility provides new account creation with automated markup code generation and account management with real-time activity reporting of displays, click-thrus and click-thru sales hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Member Access

Access is streamlined. Upon new account creation a Member cookie provides direct access, or when they use a different browser by entering their e-mail address and account password.

Affiliate Markup Generator

Members simply create their account and their affiliate specific markup is automatically generated for them. The affiliate simply chooses the desired affiliate link, then "copies" and "pastes" the markup into the desired pages at their website. The markup generator is available to active affiliates at any time.

Adding and modifying banners is a snap! The Affiliate Markup Generator is dynamically built each time an affiliate accesses it. You simply define the new banners in the Banner Management function and the appear automatically along with their banner specific markup.

Affiliate Activity Reporting

Affiliate Activity is available online for your affiliates to view real-time up-to-the minute activity information with graphical representation of the past 24 hour click-thru activity and daily totals for the current week.

Other Member Functions

The Member Facility also allows active affiliates to request their forgotten password using their "security word" they define during account creation process, and allowing them to update their member account information, change their existing password or request termination of their account. These functions allow members to manage and update their account information reducing the time required to manage the system.

The Administrative Facility

The Administrative Facility provides account management and reporting functions.

Banner Management

The Banner Management function is used to manage affiliate banner definitions with your web browsers with changes being immediately reflected in the Affiliate Markup Generator. Banners are managed and maintained on your web server, keeping you in charge of their display and assuring their integrity. And, since they are resident on your web server they use your bandwidth as opposed to the affiliates encouraging more affiliates to join and add links to your website.

Sales Returns and Credits

Banner Affiliate System provides a mechanism for handling "sales returns" for sales originating from a click-thrus; especially important if you activate the click-thru resulting sale crediting mechanism. The function also supports exchanges as well as returns allowing for adjustments (both increases or decreases) to the initial affiliate credit for the sale allowing you to set your own policies as opposed to being restricted to Banner Affiliates System's rules.

Other Administrative Functions

The other Administrative Functions include Account Reporting (a single account or all accounts), Process Commissions (output is transmitted directly to the administrators PC in MS Excel format) for verification and payout, Affiliate Account Update to update information the affiliate is not permitted to change and facilitating offline account information change requests as well as changing its status, Clear Account to reset an accounts activity, and Delete Account to remove an affiliate account (terminated accounts are maintained on the system until deleted).

Operational Component

The remote banner display and click-thru routing functions of Banner Affiliate System are performed by the Operational Component. This component is referenced by the affiliate markup HTML in the hyperlink anchor "href" and banner image "src" URL definitions.

Server Requirements:

  • OS: Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS X® and Windows®
  • HTTP 1.x with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) PERL 5.x (check with your ISP or Server Administrator; this requirement is typically supported on most systems)
  • SENDMAIL (supported on most all Unix/Linux platforms), or PERL NET:SMTP (available from CPAN) (commonly used on Windows® server platforms) with an SMTP system pre-installed and configured
  • SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) optional, but strongly recommended.

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