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Banner Rotator System - FAQs

Can I define banners residing on other web servers?

Yes. Simply assure the URL includes the full path including the site's domain name portion.

How do I used Banner Rotator System without any other JHZ-CS product?

Add the Banner Rotator System markup to your static web pages, then change references to the pages to point to the "brs.cgi" module with the page's URL as a parameter; example,

<a href="brs.cgi?disp_URL=">Home Page</a>

Specifying the appropriate path to "brs.cgi" such as "/cgi-bin/brs.cgi"

Some of my static pages that I've put the BRS markup in still have references that do not point to "brs.cgi". Can I keep those reference as there are and change them later?

Yes. Specify a default image reference (optionally hyperlinked) between the <JHZCS_BRS> and </JHZCS_BRS> tags and the default image will display when the page is displayed without Banner Rotator System. Keep in mind the image display (and click-thrus) will not be tracked, and the anchor to the default banner must be contained within <JHZCS_BRS> and </JHZCS_BRS> tags.

Only the current day is reflected in the report. Why?

Each day at midnight the previous days data file is archived and a new file created.

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