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Banner Rotator System - Description

Banner Rotator System provides alternating and tracked hyperlinked banner image and text with banner/text specific hyperlinks within web pages. Hyperlinks are alternated and specific to each banner image.

Banner definition includes specification of display frequency for each banner allowing specific banners to achieve display dominance. And, specification of display location for each banner; restricting display to top-of-page, bottom-of-page, or both. Banner definitions are maintained in an easily managed ASCII text file. Banner images may reside either at the hosting website or at a remote websites complimenting integration with affiliate systems.

Banner Rotator System tracks displays and click-thrus. An administrative back-end reporting facility providing useful information to determine user interest, activity and banner effectiveness.


Supported on both static web pages and dynamically generated web pages.

For static web pages, Banner Rotator System is invoked as a page preprocessor. Banner Rotator System markup is simply added to static pages. Then, hyperlinks currently pointing to the page are modified to point to the Banner Rotator System program module, with the previous page's URI as an input parameter. Ideally suited for existing sites as well as those transitioning to use JHZ-CS Page Generators.

Also supports unmodified links to pages by use of Banner Rotator System default hyperlinked banner in the markup allowing pages to display without processing through Banner Rotator System.

For dynamically generated web pages, Banner Rotator System is automatically invoked as a post-processor supported by JHZ-CS Page Generators, Shopping Cart, and Text Search solution products.


Banner Rotator System reporting of banner displays and click-thrus provides real-time information about page access activity, banner exposures and effectiveness.


NOTE: Example reflects the sample banner names and data provided with the product. Typically, you would name your banners with descriptive names relative to their content.

Server Requirements:

  • OS: Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS X® and Windows®
  • HTTP 1.x with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) PERL 5.x (check with your ISP or Server Administrator; this requirement is typically supported on most systems)
  • Optional: SENDMAIL (supported Unix/Linux/OS X platforms), or PERL NET:SMTP (available from CPAN, commonly used on Windows® OS) SMTP installed and configured. This optional requirement supports automatic email notification to the webmaster when execution errors are detected.

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