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Shopping Cart - Description

Shopping Cart provides an Ecommerce solution supporting online credit card, check, telephone, FAX, mail and PO (Purchase Order) order processing. This solution keeps you in control of order processing eliminating third party merchant portals and costs associated with them. It provides easily examined audit trails to refine your sales policies and procedures helping ensure success. Checkout functions can be easily customized to work with all the popular ecommerce portals; such as PayPal!


  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Supports:
    • online Credit Card orders
    • Telephone orders
    • FAX orders
    • Mail-in Check orders
    • PO (purchase orders) orders
  • Customizable Templates for all user pages
    • Online Shopping Cart
    • Customer Information Entry
    • Customer Confirmation
    • Check Order Form
    • FAX Order Form
    • PO Order Form
  • Configurable Sales Tax by state and Shipping & Handling (per item or as a percentage of sale item w/minimum)
  • Banner Affiliate System click-thru referral credit processing
  • Carts retention across user sessions with cart content stored on server
  • Customer data (non-sensitive) retention with priming for return customers
  • Supports Secured Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Customer exclusion based on e-mail domain (integrates with Order Processor "Exclude E-mail Domain" function, or domains may be added manually) for reduction of bad orders from known problem domains.


  • Add Item To Cart (automatically generated by JHZ-CS Page Generators or may be added manually to static pages)
  • View Cart
  • Change Item Quantity
  • Delete Item
  • Check Out
    • Online Credit Card Order
    • Check Order Form
    • FAX Order Form
    • PO Order Form
  • Delete Cart

Shopping Cart Templates

All the Shopping Cart Templates are fully customizable. Shopping Cart is pre-configured to support Online Credit Card check out, PO (Purchase Order) check out, Mail-in orders by Check, and FAX ordering. Each check out function uses a separate template allowing customization for specific policies and procedures. These templates are HTML pages with special markup variables and directives that are easy to work with using any HTML authoring tool or text editor.

Customer Information Entry template

The "Customer Information Entry" template has built-in field validation including credit card number validation check for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover (Novus) for online transactions. When a customer enters invalid values, error information is included when the "Customer Information Entry" page is redisplayed.

In addition to automatically generated "Order Numbers" being displayed, customer's remote host and IP addresses are displayed discouraging fraudulent sales activities. And, customer "Billing Address" is automatically transferred to "Shipping Address" when the customer clicks the "Same As" check box with Javascript® embedded in this template.

When the customer clicks "NEXT" on the Customer Information Entry page, the customer's information is validated. If errors are detected, the page is redisplayed with informative error messages telling the customer the item(s) requiring correction. When the information is successfully validated an "Order Confirmation Page" is displayed.

"Order Confirmation Page" template

When the customer confirms their order two emails are transmitted. An "Order Confirmation E-mail" is sent to the customer and an "Administrative Sales Notification E-mail" is sent to your sales department. Both e-mails use customizable templates. Orders are retained on the web server for later retrieval and processing providing back-up helping to assure data integrity and prevention of loss of important sales data that may otherwise result in the event of a system failure.

Server Requirements:

  • OS: Unix, Linux, Macintosh OS X® and Windows®
  • HTTP 1.x with CGI (Common Gateway Interface) PERL 5.x (check with your ISP or Server Administrator; this requirement is typically supported on most systems)
  • SENDMAIL (supported on most all Unix/Linux platforms), or PERL NET:SMTP (available from CPAN) (commonly used on Windows® server platforms) with an SMTP system pre-installed and configured
  • SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) optional, but strongly recommended.
  • Optional: For configurations using an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) data source requires a supported RDBMS, the PERL DBI module and the RDBMS specific DBD module to be previously installed and configured

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