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Category List - FAQs

Does Category List provide a departmental listing of items?

Yes. This is the purpose of the definition of item categories and their use. Category List provides dynamic generation of item lists for the category passed to it providing a Department item list.

Why is the "category" IID data column called "department" instead of category?

Category List may be used to generate list of items not necessarily related to a "department". For instance, for a Real Estate agent or broker, category could be used to "categorize" MLS property listings by county or city.

Is Subcategory List required in order to use Category List?

No. If you do not intend to use Subcategory List, modify the Category List templates to no longer refer to links to Subcategory List.

Do I need to have Item Detail installed to use Category List?

No. Modify the template to refer to an IID data column where you define the URL to the static page containing the item detail information.

Can I dynamically generate hyperlink anchor "title" parameters with Category List?

Yes. Modify the Category List templates to include the "title='value'" parameter. Then, in the place of "value", specify the markup variable used during replacement process; such as "<<item_name>>" (refer to your IID for data column name). You might also want to add generic text to the title parameter; i.e.,
"<a ... title='Click to goto the <<item_name>> detail page'...>".

NOTE: You can use the same technique to generate hyperlink anchor "onmouseover" actions, META Descriptions and keywords. Simply refer to existing IID data columns or create new ones as desired.

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