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Solutions: Overview


JHZ-CS Solutions are fully customizable, ready to install and configure. They're easily configured and customized using any standard text editor. With minimum requirements and dependencies they're supported on most all major Web server platforms supporting PERL (Practical Extraction Reporting Language). JHZ-CS Solutions allow webmasters to deploy and expand websites rapidly without expense of development platforms and tools.

Solution Categories:

  • Page Generators - Dynamic generation of web pages at runtime using customizable page templates combined with centralized data providing an ideal solution for maintaining websites with data that changes frequently
  • Ecommerce - Provide a variety of online merchant capabilities and functions
  • Search - Provide search so users find what they're looking for rapidly
  • Configuration Management - Provide functions to simplify regular maintenance tasks.

How To Acquire

Find the desired solutions and click "ORDER" on description pages, Solution Price List, or use the Package Selection Assistant. Then, simply follow the instructions.

More Information

For more information visit the Solution categories pages and view the solutions. Many solutions offer online demonstrations. Also, view the various features to learn how these solutions can assist in rapidly achieving your project objectives. If you have questions, use the "INQUIRE" links on solution description pages.

JHZ-CS Solutions are offered exclusively under the terms and conditions of the JHZ-CS Software License Agreement.