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JHZ-CS solutions are designed to provide flexibility, ease-of-use supporting future design requirements. With minimal requirements, dependencies and prerequisites they're easily installed/maintained with a minimum level of programming expertise. JHZ-CS solutions provide platform independence using standards based open-source technologies achieving an extended productive life resulting in an increased return on investment (ROI).

Features include:

  • Easy to install, use and maintain with minimal programming expertise
  • Dynamic HTML Page Generation simplifying maintenance of website wide layout and content improving continuity eliminating the need of regeneration/upload of a massive number of static pages each time modifications are made
  • HTML page Templates easily customizable using any standard text editor or HTML authoring tool
  • Platform independent data supporting flat file data sources (JHZ-CS Item Information Dataset (IID)) and/or RDBMS (SQL) databases
  • Logic components coded in PERL
  • Configuration settings isolated from logic modules simplifying setup supporting typical multi-platform/multi-user development environments
  • Built-in Error handling and reporting providing graceful exception handling, logging and automatic webmaster notification
  • Debug Mode providing webmasters realtime detailed problem causal analysis information
  • Easily Integrate with other systems and subsystems.