James H. Zisch - Computer Services (JHZ-CS) is an applications systems design, development and support service company.

JHZ-CS assists its clients achieve their objectives by generating requirements based projects. And, achieves project objectives by utilizing a well established methodology under fixed price and time-of-completion agreements, in support of complex parallel co-development environments, where co-dependent technologies, requirements and dependencies must be satisfied in a timely manner in avoidance of bottlenecks, delays and cost overruns. All project requirements are qualified in advance for viability, including future considerations. Specifications are predetermined, both functional and logical, and qualified as to resource requirements. JHZ-CS methodology provides easily monitored project metrics to assure adherence to progress schedule and cost expenditure.

JHZ-CS proudly provides its service around the world, onsite and remote, in support of client/customers that include Fortune 100 companies and agencies of governments; domestic and International.

Typical Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 5PM, Pacific Time; with exception respecting all USA recognized national holidays. Responses to legitimate business communications may be expected within two business days; unsolicited business communications should not anticipate a response.

No sales calls please.

Privacy Statement: JHZ-CS does not request, nor retain, sensitive information, acknowledging and respecting both personal and business information, beyond the extent necessary to service the needs of its clients/customers (past and present) and to facilitate communication; and, acknowledges and respects the sensitivity, and competitive nature, of internal business information, of companies, and government agencies, domestic and International, as JHZ-CS is made aware of during the normal course of providing services to them; and, utilizes standard practices to protect that information; with exception to supportive cooperation with all legitimate authorities in the prosecution of criminal offenses.

NOTICE TO ALL SCAMMERS, FRAUDSTERS and CONS: If you are engaging, or planning to engage, in criminal activity, DO NOT request the services of JHZ-CS. SCAMMERS, FRAUDSTERS and CONS, you have been forewarned. JHZ-CS cooperates with all legitimate authorities; domestic and International.

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